Daily Summary of KCOR data for January 28, 2017

Event(s) on this observation date:
(culled from the 2017 event table; a green triangle indicates downloadable movies of the event)
  • CORONAL CAVITY (NW limb) observed by KCor
  • CORONAL MASS EJECTION (W limb) observed by CoMP at 2058 - 2128 UT: visible in intensity, velocity and line-width, corresponds to a LASCO/C2 CME originating in the AR near the W limb
  • CORONAL MASS EJECTION (W limb) observed by KCor at 1928 - 0216 UT: CME with faint front and twisted core, corresponds to LASCO/C2 CME
  • ACTIVE PROMINENCE (W and SW limb) observed by CoMP: visible in HeI 1083nm
  • CORONAL CAVITY (W-SW limb) observed by CoMP: dark, round coronal cavity seen in intensity and velocity
  • CORONAL CAVITY (SW and W-SW limb) observed by KCor: two faint coronal cavities
  • (SE limb) observed by cavity: CoMP
  • CORONAL CAVITY (SE limb) observed by KCor: dark coronal cavity

K-Cor White Light Coronagraph

Currently, FITS are available in Level 1 only; Fully calibrated Level 2 data will be available at a later date.
Field-of-View: 1.05 to 3.00 Rsun, Spatial resolution: 11.3 arcsec (5.643 arcsec/pix), Cadence: 15 sec
K-Cor White Light Level 1 Data

Level 1 data: FITS images are processed to remove instrumental effects and sky polarization, but intensities are not yet fully calibrated. The GIF images contain a power law scaling.

Full resolution and Low-res cropped GIFs available!
(2, 5, or 10): Movie shows
every Nth image
1928 images available

K-Cor White Light Level 1 normalized radially graded filter (NRGF) Data

Level 1 (nrgf) data: FITS and GIF Level 1 images with a normalized radially graded filter (nrgf, Morgan et al. 2009, adapted by Silvano Fineschi and Sarah Gibson for KCor use) to maximize image contrast. These data are ideal for measuring positions of coronal structures such as CMEs and helmet streamers.

The cadence of these specially processed images is 2 minutes. If you require 15 second cadence, please contact us.

Morgan, Huw, Shadia Rifai Habbal, Noe Lugaz, 2009, Mapping the Structure of the Corona Using Fourier Backprojection Tomography, Astrophys. J., 690, pp 1119-1129, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/690/2/1119
241 images available